Audi’s bloody nose with Facebook complaint

I don’t know who Ilka Dunn is but she sure is giving Audi a bloody nose over on Facebook:

In short, her Audi A4 cabriolet appears to have been totalled while it was in for a service at a Johannesburg Audi dealership. Instead of presenting Ilka with a new Audi, the dealership said Ilka’s insurance should pony up the loss.

Until today, I had no idea who Ilka Dunn is, much less that she had been involved in a public spat with Audi. Now I know who she is and why Audi looks like a bunch of plonkers for not instantly solving her A4 cabriolet problem.

Now you know her too, and my spidey sense is telling me neither of us are thinking about buying an Audi any time soon.

That’s the devastating power of social media at work. Audi just lost their brand reputation – their trust, their promise in a cellphone picture, a few words and a click of a mouse button.

And since Facebook is not a newspaper, they never even got a chance to put their version of events forward prior to “publication”.

There is an old adage in journalism that goes something like this: “Never argue with a man who buys ink by the barrel”.

With social media, now everyone owns a printing press.

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