MultCloud-Free App for Transferring Files across Cloud Drives

Someone has finally built an online FTP system that is able to transfer files directly from server to server or server to hosting service and back again!

MultCloud, a “Free App for Transferring Files across Cloud Drives” gives you 2tb of data transfer with a free account and a further 10tb if you share the service with others like I am with this blog post 😉

To be fair, I’d probably be crowing about the service anyway, because it’s something we have needed for a while and I’ve wasted a lot of time and money trying to get a custom solution set up on our server to do something similar.

Our problem is that we do a lot of stock video and supply multiple agencies around the world. Bandwidth is both slow and expensive in South Africa. That means that just one 20 second 4k file will take most of a night to upload with ADSL if it’s exported with a high-quality codec like Apple’s ProRes 422. Now the problem is that this is just one upload. We need multiple nights to upload just one large 4k file to multiple agencies!

The premium MultCloud service offers unlimited transfers and costs $69.99 a year. This will enable us to upload one file to our server and then use the service to on-send the same file to multiple agencies.

I tested their service on a 800mb 4k video file and the system shot through the upload to a stock agency in little more than a minute or so. The file turned up on the agency server too, so I can confirm that the service really does work.

I’m still testing the service further, but all indications are that the premium service is exactly what we need to solve a video uploading headache that has been a problem for some considerable time.

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