Tips for building a following online‘s publisher, Mark Olson, published a post yesterday with tips on how to build an online following. Olson’s points are interesting, because they appear to centre around good social “netiquette” rather than the usual network-building plans.

“You can have the most innovative content out there, the most eye-catching graphics and fantastic calls to action, but if you do not have a social following, your branding can end up pointless and be largely invisible to your target audience. Because good networking is one of the cornerstones of effective social media marketing, we have put together a list of seven expert tips to help you grow your followings and fan bases online,” Olson’s intro reads.

Olson’s advice includes 7 key points:

  • Forget About Misleading Your Audience
  • Honor Your Source
  • Positivity and Friendliness Can Go A Long Way
  • Show That You Can Save People Money
  • Remember You Are Dealing With People
  • Be True To Yourself
  • Everything You Do – And Say – Has a Consequence




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